She Was Asked To Guess What's Under The Kilts Of These Men! Her 4th Guess Shocked Me!

It is for real that Japan has all the silly yet really funny game shows! They claim that if you want to forget about your problems, then you should start watching Japanese game shows.

One of the most watched Japanese game shows was the game called "What's under my kilt?"

In this game show, a contestant has to be a woman and she has to guess what's under the kilt of every man who're standing in front of her. The twist in this game is that she has to do the guessing game with a blindfold. 

She managed to guess the things under the kilts of the three men. A hammer, tennis balls, and even a real lobster. 

But then, the fourth man shocked everyone. Her boyfriend switched with the fourth man. The surprising part is that he's wearing nothing under the kilt.

What's under her boyfriend's kilt left her in total shock. She was even more shocked when she removes her blindfold and she saw that the man was her boyfriend!

Source: Posade, YouTube

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