Footage Of Harambe The Gorilla Who Held The Hands Of A Young Boy And Protected Him Was Shot By The Zookeepers! Shocking!

People who were on the Cincinnati Zoo were terrified after a four-year old boy fell inside the den of a gorilla. Two of the gorillas left the area when they were called by the zoo staff but one in particular named Harambe, did not. 

According to the witnesses, they saw that the boy was picked up and dragged by the Gorilla who just turned 17-years-old a day before the incident. 

They needed to make a decision of shooting the Gorilla to save the life of the boy named Isaiah. It was a decision between keeping the Gorilla that was loved by many or the life of this precious young boy. 

However, there are controversies surfing the net. Many people claims that taking away the life of the Gorilla is not necessary. The footage that was released in public created a debate online. 

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